HRD has partnered with Jonathan Goring Motorsports to bring you many coaching options.

JONATHAN GORING MOTORSPORTS specializes in high performance driver development and race driver coaching. Focusing on a unique and scientific approach to high performance driving and race driving, he places the emphasis on thoroughly developing the driver and their understanding of driving principles that ultimately result in long term changes in driving habits. Using a one-on-one approach, he will first evaluate the client, discusses their personalized goals, and tailor a specific program to best suit the desired objectives.

Housatonic Racing Development is responsible for the complete car setup that Jonathan Goring used to WIN the 2015 National Runoffs Championship in Daytona.

Together, HRD and JGM develop both winning cars and fast drivers!





Right seat is arguably the most effective form of driver coaching. He will ride right seat with you and relay live, real time feedback over an intercom system as you drive. By learning how to identify and interpret your internal feedback with his external feedback, you will leave having a thorough understanding of why your car, or you, is doing what it's doing.



Data doesn't lie in motorsports coaching. Whether you're 3 seconds off the pace or 3 tenths off the pace- you will benefit from data acquisition and find hidden lap time.


He primarily uses AiM Data systems but work with Motec and Race Technologies as well. 

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Video is a great tool for a multitude of reasons such as making adjustments to your line. Video analysis provides the connection between real world feel and detailed data analysis. He will review your on board video in detail and show you your areas to improve.



The right information at the right time will keep your mind in the right place during a race. All too often we find our minds wandering on track, emotions flaring or losing focus all together. As a racing driver coach, he will keep you on track (literally.)

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