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Interested in driving on track at Lime Rock Park? A Spec Miata is the perfect car to get you started.

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Rentals for ALL Events at Lime Rock Park

HRD provides rentals for ANY driving event at Lime Rock Park.

From the Lime Rock Driver's Club to a private event, we have 4 vehicles available to rent for every occasion.

Examples of events:

  • Driving Club Events (LRDC, SCDA, PCA etc.)

  • FCP Euro Proving Grounds Events (Autocross)

  • LRP Track Tapas Events

  • Test and Tune Events

  • Private Track Events

  • Racing Schools

  • HPDE (High Performance Driving Events)

  • Corporate Track Events

Deposits and Fees

In order to secure your rental, a $250 deposit must be paid upon booking. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is TRANSFERABLE to another rental on another date. The deposit will then be deducted from the total price of the rental.

If the event is within 30 days, full payment must be paid upon booking.

The driver is responsible for any and all registration fees due to participate in the driving event.

Event Registration fees are not included with the rental vehicle price. 

HRD Rental Pricing

All rental prices include transport to Lime Rock Park, racing fuel, racing tires, and crew services.

Don't see your event here? Not a problem! Tell us about your event and we can give you a price estimate.

Rental Add-Ons


The AiM Solo is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology that identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times. The Solo is fully configurable and includes different lap time display modes:

  • Rolling lap time

  • Static lap time

  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 1), calculated during the current lap

  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 2), calculated as difference between the above and the best lap

  • Best lap



Please mention upon booking if you would like to add a helmet rental for your event so as to assure size availability. Helmets are available in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and X-LARGE. If renting a vehicle to run with the Lime Rock Driver's Club - helmets are available at no additional cost directly from the club.



Please mention upon booking if you would like to add a HANS device rental for your event. Only available in one size.

A HANS device (head and neck support device) is a type of head restraint and a safety device in motorsports. They reduce the likelihood or head or neck injury in the event of a crash. The HANS device attaches onto the helmet prior to entering the car.

Three Steps to Book Your Rental!

Step 1: Complete Your Rental Request Form

Step 2: Sign Your Rental Agreement

Step 3: Pay Your Invoice Online

What To Expect
Facility Scroller 3.jpg

Once you arrive at Lime Rock Park your rental car will be there waiting for you!


HRD will prepare the vehicle before the event which consists of an extensive prep and full safety inspection. On the day of the rental, HRD will trailer the car to Lime Rock Park and the crew will perform a full morning review (check tire pressures, add fuel, and torque wheels etc.).


After registration, you will be met by your Crew Chief, Jack Scott, as well as any additional pit crew members and hospitality staff. Before heading out on track, your Crew Chief will fit you into the seat and acclimate you with the 5 point harness system as well as explain the interior functions of the car including the fire system and safety devices. He will also go over track procedures, brake points, turning points, gear recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.

While in the care of HRD, you will have exclusive all day pit lane service from our many pit crew members. Any time you come off the track and into pit lane, you will be met by one of the HRD crew to check your tire pressures and address any concerns you may have. If you need water or if you simply want to take a break, you are welcome to go at your own pace. We will also check fuel levels throughout the day and fill up the rental as needed. All necessary race fuel is included in the rental price - no surprise charges.

Each driver will also have full access to the HRD hospitality trailer which offers cold refreshments, hot coffee and an assortment of snacks. There's a private driver's lounge located in the trailer with comfortable seating for both drivers and their guests. Bathrooms are located just 50 feet away in the red barn bathroom building. Feel free to bring any gear or luggage that you may need as there is a private changing room located in the rear of the trailer with shelves available for storage throughout the day.

There is a concession stand located on the premises serving items such as hotdogs, burgers, wraps and salads as well as many drink options.

The HRD Experience: Air Conditioned Hospitality!

HRD offers a climate controlled private hospitality suite for all rental clients. Inside you will find a refrigerator stocked with cold drinks, snacks on the white marble countertop, a private bathroom, a comfortable lounge complete with leather reclining sofas and built in USB plugs, a private changing room with gear storage shelves, and 180 degree views of the paddock.

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